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Francis Levi

Technical Summary

Current research focuses on the systems medicine approach to the interactions between the circadian timing system, the cell cycle and drug metabolism and detoxification, and their implications for improving cancer therapy and health-related quality of life. Clinical expertise especially applies to patients with colorectal or other gastro-intestinal cancers. Ongoing research projects involve cell cultures and mouse models, mathematical modeling and translational and clinical studies, as well as dedicated technology developments, aiming at jointly enhancing tolerability and efficacy of cancer treatments.

Selected publications:

1. Lévi F.A., Boige V.; Hebbar M.; Smith D.; Lepère C.; Focan C.; Karaboué A.; Guimbaud R.; Carvalho C.; Tumolo S.; Innominato P.; Ajavon Y.; Truant S.; Castaing D.; De Baere T.; Kunstlinger F.; Bouchahda M.; Afshar M., Rougier P.; Adam R.; Ducreux M., on behalf of all the trial investigators, and ARTBC International: Conversion to resection of liver metastases from colorectal cancer with hepatic artery infusion of combined chemotherapy and systemic cetuximab in multicenter trial OPTILIV. Ann Oncol, 2016, 27 (2): 267-274.

2. Dulong S, Ballesta A, Okyar A, Lévi F: Identification of Circadian Determinants of Cancer Chronotherapy through In Vitro Chronopharmacology and Mathematical Modeling. Mol Cancer Ther 2015;14(9):2154-64.

3. Feillet C., Krusche P., Tamanini F., Janssens R., Downey M, Martin P., Teboul M., Saito S., Lévi F., Bretschneider T., van der Horst G.T.J., Delaunay F.,. Rand D. A. Phase-locking and multiple attractors for the coupled mammalian clock and cell cycle.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2014 Jul 8;111(27):9828-33.

4. Li XM, Mohammad-Djafari A, Dumitru M, Dulong S, Filipski E, Siffroi-Fernandez S, Mteyrek A, Scaglione F, Guettier C, Delaunay F, Lévi F: A circadian clock transcription model for the personalization of cancer chronotherapy. Cancer Res 2013 73:7176-7188

5. Lévi F., Okyar A., Dulong S., Innominato P. F., Clairambault J. : Circadian Timing in CancerTreatments. Annu. Rev. Pharmacol. Toxicol., 2010, 50 : 377-421