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Recent Developments in the Patho-Physiological Molecular Clocks Lab

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Good Luck Rachael!

MBio student Rachael has achieved a first in her degree and has been accepted a stipend to start on the MRC DTP in IBR in September. Well done Rachael and have fun in the next four years at Warwick!

Mon 26 Jul 2021, 11:31 | Tags: 2021, Circadian, Student, MBio

BSN project award for Lauren to further characterise a novel tissue-specific bioluminescence reporter model

We are thankful to the British Society for Neuroendocrinology for supporting Lauren's work to characterise a novel circadian reporter model and develop new strategies for recording tissue level bioluminescence data from freely behaving animals.

Fri 02 Oct 2020, 18:00 | Tags: Award, Circadian, 2020

CARE EBRS Conference Interactive Twitter Hub at Warwick Medical School


Also read the article in Nature on the conference here.

We will be streaming the Munich EBRS CARE conference live to room A150 in the medical school on Monday 18 November.

8:45 Welcome

09:00 Short talk Prof. Till Roenneberg, LMU Munich

“Applying Circadian Theory in the Real World”

09:30 Short talk Prof. Dries Kalsbeek, University of Amsterdam,

Academic Medical Center

“Metabolic effects of shift work: time-dependent effects of feeding, fasting and exercise”

10:00 Short talk Prof. Henriette Uhlenhaut, Technical University Munich and Helmholtz Ctr

“Cistromic Reprogramming of the Diurnal Glucocorticoid Response by High Fat Diet”

10:30 Refreshment break

11:00 Short talk Prof. Henrik Oster, University of Lübeck

“Coordination of Behavior & Metabolism by the Circadian Clock Network”

11:30 Short talk Prof. Maria Robles, LMU Munich

“Protein cycles controlling metabolism”

12:00 Short Talk AnneMarie Finger, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

“A Potential Mechanism of Intercellular Coupling in Peripheral Circadian Clocks”

12:30 Refreshment break

12:45 Welcome Address Prof. Francesca Biagini, Vice President LMU Munich

Prof. Yaron Oz, Rector Tel Aviv University


13:00 Plenary Lecture Prof. Paolo Sassone-Corsi, University of California at Irvine

“Linking Epigenetics and Metabolism through the Circadian Clock”


If you join us, please do not forget to register online here:


Thu 14 Nov 2019, 20:54 | Tags: Circadian, Conference, 2019

UK Clock Club Talk by Lauren

Lauren's great poster was selected for oral presentation at the Summer UK Clock Club in Cambridge!

Tue 08 Oct 2019, 22:00 | Tags: Circadian, Talks, Conference, 2019

New research article in Scientific Reports on circadian Pgp expression and its importance for drug transporters

Co-lead author Swati A. Kumar in a collaboration with Annabelle Ballesta, Alper Okyar, Francis Lévi, Enza Piccolo and us entitled: Sex-, feeding-, and circadian time-dependency of P-glycoprotein expression and activity - implications for mechanistic pharmacokinetics modeling, we described how time-of-day of drug adminstration might lead to different pharmacokinetic profiles in male and female mice.

Alper Okyar, Swati Kumar, Elisabeth Filipski, Enza Piccolo, Narin Ozturk, Helena Xandri-Monje, Zeliha Pala, Kristin Abraham, Ana Rita Gato de Jesus Gomes, Mehmet N. Orman, Xiao-Mei Li, Robert Dallmann, Francis Lévi, Annabelle Ballesta, Scientific Reports, 2019, DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-46977-0

Fri 19 Jul 2019, 09:00 | Tags: Publication, Circadian, 2019

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