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Recent Developments in the Patho-Physiological Molecular Clocks Lab

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Chronotherapy: Counting down cancer

Medical News Today spoke with Robert for their “what’s exciting the experts” series. Asked what recent advances have given them the most hope and is most exciting, the obvious answer is Chronotherapy.

Mon 07 Jun 2021, 21:17 | Tags: 2021, Chronotherapy, News, Outreach

Vito goes to DLD!

Vito managed to get one of the coveted 50 for Future tickets to take part in this year's Munich DLD Conference!

Sat 18 Jan 2020, 20:00 | Tags: News, Student, 2020

There Might Be a Better Time to Pop That Pill

NEO.LIFE article by Elizabeth Preston on chronotherapy now available online.


Fri 10 Jan 2020, 09:11 | Tags: News, 2020

New Imaging Equipment

Thanks to the crucial contribution of donations to the Warwick Cancer Centre, we now have been able to acquire a PhotonImager Optima for imaging at Warwick! Exquisite bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging is supported.


Tue 02 Jul 2019, 17:00 | Tags: News, 2019

Ewan's interview with PhDetails


Ever wondered what "vacillating" meant? Read Ewan's interview.

Fri 15 Mar 2019, 13:59 | Tags: News, Outreach, 2019

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