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Biomedical Sciences


Our research programme in Microbiology and Infection encompasses a spectrum of research that runs from the fundamental science of model organisms to translational research on human and animal pathogens. We exploit cutting-edge high-throughput approaches, including robotics, genomics, metagenomics, bioinformatics and rapid virulence assays to link basic science to clinical applications.

Biomedical Sciences News

Wed 22 Jan '20
Recurrent pregnancy loss is associated with a pro-senescent decidual response during the peri-implantation window

We used high-throughput single-cell RNA sequencing to reconstruct the decidual pathway in human endometrium in vitro and in vivo. This work has revealed a novel mechanism of breakdown of the feto-maternal interface in pregnancy and identified endometrial biomarkers which can be used to assess the risk of miscarriage prior to conception.
Lucas, Vrljicak et al., Communications Biology 2020,


Senior Cancer Research UK Fellow Steve Royle tells us about his team's work looking at cell division and their research that could help develop cures for diseases including cancer.