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Division of Microbiology and Infection Seminar

21 May 2014, Room GLT4, Warwick Medical School Building, University of Warwick


Title: 'HIV and the lung: new techniques, new insights'



Dr Henry C Mwandumba, Wellcome Intermediate Clinical Fellow & Clinical Senior Lecturer, Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme


Henry C MwandumbaHIV-infected adults have impaired innate and adaptive immune responses in the lung. Potent combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) reduces morbidity and mortality in HIV-infected people by suppressing viral replication and promoting immune recovery. Nonetheless, HIV-infected individuals receiving cART remain at higher risk of developing active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) than their HIV-uninfected peers. It is not known whether cART restores impaired pulmonary immune responses. Using novel assays that our group has developed, we have characterised defects in alveolar macrophage and CD4+ T cell function in HIV-infected adults and assessed the impact of cART on their recovery.