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Group Member Bio's

Dr. Nick Waterfield: Recently re-established the research group here at Warwick and is a Reader in Bacterial Pathogenesis, having moved from the University of Bath. Nick's research interests are bacterial pathogenesis, host pathogen interactions, molecular and synthetic biology, and the utilisation of genomic techniques. More recently Nick has become involved in novel healthcare technologies such as biomimetics, probes, and drug delivery systems. Nick completed his PhD at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge in the lab of Richard Le Page in 1995 investigating gene expression and bacteriophage activity in Lactococcus to generate a vaccine. During this time Nick became interested in bacterial toxins and toxin systems (still a main research focus) and moved in to a postdoctoral position at Bath with Richard ffrench-Constant. Nick remained at Bath, becoming a senior lecturer and PI, before moving to Warwick.

Some more detail can be found on Nick's Medical School staff page.

N dot R dot Waterfield at warwick dot ac dot uk | @Nick_Waterfield | Nick on Google Scholar

Dr. Alexia Hapeshi: Alexia joined the group in February 2014, the first appointee of the group now in Warwick. Alexia's postdoctoral research currently focuses on the adaptations required by Photorhabdus to endure the heightened temperatures of mammalian hosts when it establishes an infection. Alexia completed her PhD in 2013 in the lab of J. Vasquez-Boland on the equine pathogen Rhodococcus equi at the University of Edinburgh, and prior to that completed a BA (Hons) and MSci in Natural Sciences at Cambridge. Alexia is generally interested in host-pathogen interactions, and the evolutionary and molecular mechanisms by which pathogens gain virulence.

A dot Hapeshi at warwick dot ac dot uk

Joe Healey: Joe is a PhD student in the Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells Centre for Doctoral Training ("MOAC"). The centre is an interdisciplinary institution that trains PhD students in a huge variety of modern science from computing and mathematical modelling, to biology and analytical chemistry. As such, Joe is jointly appointed between the Chemistry Department (with his supervisor Matt Gibson) and the Microbiology and Infection Unit within Warwick Medical school. Joe is interested in bacterial virulence and particularly in the application of synthetic biology. His PhD intends to bring novel chemistry techiques and synthetic biology together for truly innovative bio-engineering. He previously completed an MSc in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry with MOAC, and completed a BSc (Hons) in Biology at Aberystwyth University.

More information can be found on Joe's respective pages at MOAC and on the Gibson Group.

J dot R dot J dot Healey at warwick dot ac dot uk | @JRJHealey

Tom Brooker: Tom began his PhD in January 2015 studying anthrax-like Bacillus cereus. Tom is jointly supervised by Petra Oyston at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) in Porton Down.

T dot A dot Brooker at warwick dot ac dot uk