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Talk on outreach activities at the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study showcase event at the Shard in London (15th May, 2015) - John Meadows

Lab tour for Sixth Form Biology teachers from Bishop Ullathorne School, Coventry (3rd March, 2015) - John Meadows

Participated in a Warwick Public Engagement Network event (24th February, 2015) - John Meadows

Lab tour for the STEM ambassador contract holder for Coventry & Warwickshire (9th December, 2014) - John Meadows

Met and talked to Cancer Research UK supporters at an event hosted by the Bishop of Coventry (1st December, 2014) - Steve Royle

School workshop for STEMnet at Foxford School, Coventry (18th November, 2014) - Anne Straube, Karuna Sampath & Pavle Vrljicak

Talk at the Cancer Research UK fundraisers Thank You Conference in Southam (16th October, 2014) - Steve Royle

Lab tour for Cancer Research UK fundraisers from the local region (26th September, 2014) - Steve Royle

Talk at the Bristish Library on public access to research via open access (23rd June, 2014) - Steve Royle

School visit (26th March, 2014) - John Davey

Lab-based workshops organised in conjunction with the academic mentoring service for fostered children in Coventry (4th March, 2014) - Andrew McAinsh, Anne Straube, Graham Ladds, Jacob Dalgaard, John Meadows, Jonathan Millar, Karuna Sampath & Masanori Mishima

School visit for a careers event (March, 2014) - Graham Ladds

Talk at the 'Careers in Academia' day at a local school (26th February, 2014) - Graham Ladds

School visit (13th February, 2014) - Graham Ladds

Talk at the Warwick Widening Participation Forum (7th February, 2014) - John Davey

Visit from the photography artist Françoise Sergy as part of the Art and Science Project "The Fox Got You" which will be part of an exhibition at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden in Summer 2015 (22nd January, 2014) - Anne Straube

School visit (6th November, 2013) - John Davey

School visit (27th March, 2013) - Graham Ladds