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Research Areas

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Chromosome biology

Faithful replication and segregation of chromosomes is fundamental to cell survival. We combine molecular, biochemical and genetical approaches with quantitative analysis of live-cell imaging to investigate these processes in yeast, worms and mammalian cells.


Intracellular signalling networks

All aspects of cell physiology are influenced through environmental cues that act via receptors and intracellular signalling pathways to bring about changes in cell behaviour. Understanding these signals and their responses will improve our ability to manipulate the networks and influence cell behaviour and correct defects.


Mechanochemical cell biology

Mechanochemical cell biology concerns itself with mechanisms of active self-organization in living systems, as driven by track-following molecular motors, by the dynamics of the tracks themselves, and by proteins that interact with systems of motors and tracks. Understanding the operating priniciples and mechanisms of motorized biomolecular self-organization will engender and inform development of new therapies.