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Delivery of Patient Care

Within Metabolic and Vascular Health, there is a continuum of academic and clinical interest that extends from bench to bedside and back. Several of its members conduct research on the way that care is delivered within the NHS, and how to improve outcomes in line with the necessity for medicine to be evidence-based, including the assessment of the effectiveness of medical treatments.

Some initiate or are otherwise involved in clinical trials through national and local clinical research networks (e.g. in Diabetes, Stroke). Others gain insight for their basic research from their day-to-day involvement in the delivery of clinical care. This makes for a modern, translational approach to the improvement of patient care, and the use of resources for the benefit of health care delivery.

Principal Investigators

Harpal Randeva


Dr Harpal Randeva Senior Lecturer (Clinical)

Research interests: Complex Endocrinological and Metabolic Disorders

Paul O

Dr Paul O'Hare
Director of Quality Assurance

Research interests: Prevention and treatment of diabetes in resource-poor settings


Dr Narendra Reddy
Clinical Lecturer

Research interests: Body-weight control in adult obesity



Ponnusamy Saravanan

Dr Ponnusamy Saravanan
Associate Clinical Professor

Research interests: Nutritional and clinical management of diabetes



Dr Daniel Zehnder
Senior Lecturer (Clinical)

Research interests: Biomarkers and treatment of metabolic cardiovascular disease; Antibody-incompatible renal transplantation

Recent Publications

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