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The e-Nudge Trial

A randomised controlled trial of automated electronic feedback to reduce the cardiovascular risk of individuals in general practice.

Project Team

  • Dr Tim Holt, Centre for Primary Health Care Studies, Warwick University
  • Professor Margaret Thorogood, Warwick University
  • Dr Frances Griffiths, Centre for Primary Health Care Studies, Warwick University

For further information on this project please contact Dr Tim Holt on

Project Schedule

October 2005 - September 2009

Project Abstract

Heart disease and stroke are the major causes of death and disability in the UK. These problems are to some extent preventable, by lifestyle modification and in some individuals, drug therapy. This project will assess the benefit of providing general practice teams with an electronic reminder (e-Nudge) of their patients who are most likely to benefit from intervention.

The project uses information held in general practice computer databases to identify those people most at risk of developing heart disease or stroke, and who are most likely to benefit from treatment of risk factors (including raised blood pressure, cholesterol levels, smoking and obesity). An individual's risk changes over time and so it is important that repeated searches are undertaken on the database.

The benefits of the e-Nudge system will be assessed by whether these people suffer fewer health events such as heart attacks or strokes and have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease after two years compared to individuals where the e-Nudge is not provided to their practice teams.