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The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) was set up by investigators at University College London (UCL) and is about the lives of people in England who are aged 50 and over (and their partners).

The study will cover a broad range of topics such as people's health, economic situation and quality of life and it will help us learn about how people's experiences vary and how their circumstances change over time.

The plan is to visit the members of the study every two years (Data and biological sampling).

Over time, a number of questions will be addressed, such as:

  • How does people’s health and level of disability change over time?
  • What factors explain who has good health in later life and who does not?

It will also address important issues such as:

  • When do people retire and how do they plan for their retirement?
  • Do people have enough savings to provide for their older age?
  • How do people’s activities, relationships and quality of life change over time?
  • How do changes in memory and concentration affect people’s well-being?

An open access DNA repository (EDNAR) is being set up.


Project Coordinators
  • M Kumari (UCL)
  • M A Miller (WMS)

In progress