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ESH Centre of Excellence for Hypertension and Cardio-Metabolic Research

This International Award to the Coventry and Warwickshire Hypertension and Cardiovascular Team is one of only eight awarded to centres in the United Kingdom by the European Society of Hypertension so far.
The Award highlights the high quality of research carried out and of clinical care provided to Coventry and Warwickshire patients through an effective Academic and NHS partnership, and underscores the significant potential for development.
The Centre provides not only cutting-edge international clinical research, but provides the local community, the health professionals (general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, etc) and the health economy with the expertise and skills necessary to help prevent, diagnose, and manage all cases of hypertension and associated cardio-metabolic complications, and with the use of the best level of care available.

Managing Hypertension - MDT schedule of meetings, beginning 28th September 2009.


 Inaugural Launch held at UHCW Clinical Science Building, 3rd October 2008

with the participation of

Prof. Stuart Palmer  Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Warwick
Prof. Yvonne Carter  Dean of Warwick Medical School & Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Warwick
Prof. Gordon  McInnes  President, British Hypertension Society
Inaugural photo 1
Prof Gordon Mc Innes, President of the British Hypertension Society (centre)
awards the Certificate to Prof DRJ Singer (left) and Prof FP Cappuccio (right)

Inaugural photo 2
Prof FP Cappuccio (centre) with Prof Y Carter, Dean of Warwick Medical School &
Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick (left) and Mr J Cunningham, MP (right)


University of Warwick Medical School

University Hospitals Coventry &
Warwickshire NHS Trust

Head of the Centre
Prof F P Cappuccio (CSRI)
Deputy Head
Prof D R J Singer (CSRI)
Dr P Banerjee (UHCW)
Dr M Edmunds (UHCW)
Dr S Fletcher (UHCW)
Dr R Higgins (UHCW)
Prof C Imray (UHCW)
Dr M Kahn (CSRI)
Dr A Kenton (UHCW)
Prof S Kumar (CSRI)
Dr P G McTernan (CSRI)
Dr M A Miller (CSRI)
Dr P O'Hare (CSRI)
Dr C Oliver (UHCW)
Dr H Randeva (CSRI)
Dr S Smith (UHCW)
Prof P Thornalley (CSRI)
Prof M Thorogood (HSRI)
Prof V Zammit (CSRI)
Dr D Zehnder (UHCW)