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Sleep Research

Sleep Medicine and Epidemiology

Professor Cappuccio leads the group in the study programme on Sleep, Health & Society. The group is studying several aspects implicating short duration of sleep and ensuing increased daytime sleepiness, as a risk factor for cardiovascular risk factors, ill-health and other detrimental health effects. The group is studying the relationships between short duration of sleep and obesity, hypertension, diabetes and mortality in several population studies in children and adults, both cross-sectionally and prospectively. The socio-economic, hormonal and biochemical mechanisms possibly mediating some of these effects are also being explored. Furthermore, the group is involved in a study looking at the implications of implementing the European Working Time Directives (EWTD) of junior doctors in the UK and the changes in patient safety, doctors' fatigue, quality of life and effectiveness with reduced working hours and suitable rotas.

The following presentations on this subject have been made:


  • Royal College of Physicians Sleep Meeting (London)
  • British Sleep Society (Cambridge)
  • NHS Workforce Countdown (London)
  • Annual Meeting of the British Hypertension Society (Cambridge)
  • ThinkTank Museum (Birmingham)


  • World Association of Sleep Medicine (Bangkok)
  • American Heart Association Council on Epidemiology & Prevention (Orlando)
  • 21st Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (Minneapolis)
  • 22nd Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension (Berlin)
  • 19th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society (Glasgow)



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