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Oogenesis and early embryology

The Hartshorne group studies oocyte formation (oogenesis) and embryo growth (embryogenesis) with a view to gaining a deeper understanding of human reproduction and development. Our work is closely linked with assisted conception and we aim to promote improvements in clinical treatments in reproduction, particularly the alleviation of infertility. We also explore the social dimensions of our work through research. All our research is approved and licensed under UK regulations.

The group spans the Clinical Sciences Research Laboratories, University of Warwick and the Centre for Reproductive Medicine CRM. Both labs are located on the University Hospital site, Walsgrave, Coventry, CV2 2DX, UK.


Current members

  • Sarah Drury, Graduate Student
  • Sarah Turner, Graduate Student
  • Dr Karolina Palinska-Rudzka, Graduate Student
  • Ramyar Chavoshinejad, Graduate Student
  • Sheila Ziarati, Graduate Student
Fetal oocytes

CRM collaborators

  • Dr Deborah Taylor, Senior Embryologist
  • Sarah Drury, Senior Andrologist
  • Mr Stephen Keay, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
  • Mr Richard Kennedy, Medical Director
  • Dr Sue Montgomery, Head of Embryology
  • Jaswinder Rai, Senior Embryologist
  • Mr Tarek Ghobara, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
  • Dr Rina Agrawal, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Past members

  • Dr Hazel Baker
  • Dr Jennifer Cavilla
  • Dr Fataneh Ghafari
  • Dr Leila Mitchell
  • Scott Pileckas
  • Emma Prior
  • Dr Emma Spikings
  • Dr Perry Starr
  • Dr Charles Tease
  • Dr Hiu-Pak Wong
  • Dr Peter Sozou
  • Sabreen Mahmoud Ahmed, Visiting Graduate Student

Current collaborators


  • Prof. Jan Brosens, Warwick Medical school
  • Dr Siobhan Quenby, Warwick Medical School
  • Dr Ann Adams, Warwick Medical School
  • Dr Silvester Czanner, Digital Lab
  • Dr Alan Dolan, Institute of Health
  • Prof Gillian Hundt, Institute of Health
  • Prof Chris Poole, Warwick Medical School


External Collaborators

  • Dr Ali Fouladi-Nashta, Royal Veterinary College, London
  • Professor Claus Yding Anderson, Copenhagen
  • Professor Jo Poulton, Oxford
  • Dr Stephanie Gadd, Bath Fertility Centre
  • Jane Blower, Leicester Fertility Centre
  • Dr Gillian Lochwood, Midlands Fertility Centre
Human, in-vitro matured, oocyte at the Metaphase II stage, showing a disorganised spindle and chromosomes in both the oocyte and the polar body. Such disorganised spindles may cause aneuploidy in human embryos.
human in vitro matured oocyte