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Dr. Anatoly Shmygol


Tony Shmygol's research is concerned with the mechanisms of electrogenesis, autorhythmicity and Ca2+ signalling in the myometrium. His laboratory uses patch-clamp, sharp microelectrodes, multi-dimensional digital imaging and confocal microscopy combined with mathematical modelling to investigate the signalling pathways linking the rise in intracellular Ca2+ to the activation of the plasma membrane ion channels.

His current projects investigate:

  • the role of low voltage-activated (T-type) Ca2+ channels in the myometrial autorhythmicity and Ca2+ signalling and
  • the mechanisms of oxytocin-induced potentiation of myometrial contractility.

This research ultimately aims to gain a better understanding of uterine function and to provide a theoretical basis for improved management of preterm labour.


  • Warwick Parturition Group


Further Research Project


  • Gullam JE, Blanks AM, Thornton S and Shmygol A (2009) Phase-plot analysis of the oxytocin effect on human myometrial contractility. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 144 S20 - S24 (0301-2115)
  • Shmygol A, Noble K, Wray S (2007) Depletion of membrane cholesterol eliminates the Ca2+-activated component of outward potassium current and decreases membrane capacitance in rat uterine myocytes. Journal Of Physiology 581 (2), 445 - 456 (0022-3751) [article]
  • Blanks AM, Zhao ZH, Shmygol A, Bru-Mercier G, Astle S, Thornton S (2007) Characterization of the molecular and electrophysiological properties of the T-type calcium channel in human myometrium. Journal Of Physiology 581 (3), 915 - 926
  • Blanks AM, Shmygol A, Thornton S (2007) Myometrial function in prematurity Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol 1 - 13
  • Borisova L, Shmygol A, Wray S, Burdyga T (2007) Evidence that a Ca2+ sparks/STOCs coupling mechanism is responsible for the inhibitory effect of caffeine on electro-mechanical coupling in guinea pig ureteric smooth muscle. Cell Calcium 42 (3), 303 - 311 (0143-4160)

Further Publications