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Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey is a research midwife and is currently undertaking a PhD into combination therapy for the treatment of pre-term labour.  The project aims to investigate the combination of a calcium channel blocker combined with potassium channel openers that will bring about relaxation of myometrial smooth muscle without impacting vascular smooth muscle.

Elizabeth’s PhD is funded by UHCW NHS Trust where she continues to work as a clinical midwife. She has previously worked on the workforce planning project Birthrate Plus at UHCW and worked on a large collaborative project into assessing social risk factors to reduce perinatal mortality rates in areas of Coventry with a higher than national rate.  She is committed to evidence based practice in midwifery services and plans to continue in midwifery research.

Academic supervisors: Dr. Andrew Blanks, Professor Siobhan Quenby, Professor Steve Thornton