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The research at Warwick Orthopaedics covers the full spectrum of orthopaedic clinical problems and techological developments. We are particularly focused on the acquisition and use of evidence of clinical effectiveness of orthopaedic treatments.

Our multi-disciplinary team, based at the Clinical Sciences Research Laboratories, has special expertise in the design of large national and international studies that test which treatments work and which are the best for which people.

Practical work with patients takes place in one of the largest and most innovative clinical units of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in the UK. Through the close cooperation of our academic and clinical teams, experienced surgeons and scientists work with statisticians, methodologists, health economists and trial managers to produce important information on the use of new and existing treatments.

At Warwick the development of new orthopaedic technologies goes hand in hand with clinical and cost effectiveness assessment to ensure that everyone gains the most from these new developments.

Research Projects

Warwick Orthopaedics conducts a number of research projects. Click here for a summary of each project.