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EuReCa One

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EuReCa is a project of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC).

EuReCa One is an international European
project for collecting and analysing
resuscitation events during October 2014.

All registries throughout Europe, able to
provide at least the core data demanded, were invited to participate in study. (EuReCa One Dataset)

The aim of the study was to determine the incidence, process, and outcome for OHCA throughout Europe. A total of 27 countries provided data to the project 1.

The authors concluded, the study demonstrated marked differences in the processes for data collection and reported outcomes following OHCA across Europe. Using the data and analyses, different countries, regions, systems, and concepts can benchmark themselves and may learn from each other to further improve survival following one of the major health care events.

Principal Investigator Jan-Thorsten Gräsner (MD, FERC)
Institute for Emergency Medicine, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Arnold-Heller-Str.3, Building 808, 24105 Kiel, Germany
Tel: +49 431 597 31551


EuReCa Two

Plans for EuReCa TWO were announced at the EuReCa Symposium at ERC 2016 Reykjavik. The key activities are:

  • To carry out a survey to define 'What is a Bystander' in October 2016
  • To hold a meeting of National Coordinators at EMS Copenhagen in May 2017
  • To hold a meeting to discuss data collection and quality control at ERC Congress, Frieberg im Breisgau in September 2017
  • To collect data for three months, October to December 2017
  • To submit data by end of April 2018
  • To present preliminary analysis at ERC Congress 2018 (October)
  • To submit report for publication in December 2018.


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