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Data Sharing

The OHCAO project supports the principle of data sharing to maximise the potential of stored data in accordance with international best practice guidelines. For the purpose of this policy “research data” are defined as factual records (numerical scores, textual records, images and sounds) used as primary sources for scientific research, and that are commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings. A research data set constitutes a systematic, partial representation of the subject being investigated.

Requests for access to research data from external collaborators (i.e. any requests external to the immediate research team) will be subject to the approval processes as outlined in NRES guidance on research database applications (Version 1.1, September 2010). Researchers who wish to access the data must first submit a research proposal. Such requests will be considered by the OHCAO Academic Committee.

The OHCAO project team have developed full guidance (Data Sharing Request GuidanceLink opens in a new window) on the process to access and obtain data.

The Data Request Application Form Link opens in a new window must be submitted to the Academic Committee via the OHCAO resource account (

If approval is given to release data a 'Data Sharing AgreementLink opens in a new window' must be put in place prior to the release of the data to ensure processing of the data in accordance with the terms of the ethical approval and any other conditions required by the Academic Committee or Research Database team

The Academic committee is constituted of representatives from ambulance services (NASMeD, NAA&R groups), the project team (Chief Investigator, study Statistician), funders and lay representatives. Current members include:

  • Professor Gavin Perkins (Chief Investigator)
  • Dr Chen Ji (Study Statistician)
  • Dr Julian Mark (National Ambulance Service Audit Group)
  • Dr Rachael Fothergill (Member, National Ambulance Service Audit Group)
  • Professor Niro Siriwardena (Chair, National Ambulance Service Research Group)
  • Dr Jasmeet Soar (RCUK)
  • John Long (Lay Representative)
  • Adrian Willis (Study Senior Programmer)

The OHCAO project act as centre that can provide national information on out-of-hospital cardiac arrests that can assist scientists in their research. Projects which OHCAO project have provided information for include:

  • Pre-Hospital Critical Care of OHCA (Dr Johannes von Vopelius-Feldt, University Hospitals, Bristol)
  • Age-sex distribution in OHCAs (Dr James Mapstone, Deputy Regional Director Public Health England, South)


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