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Primary Care Organisation


Delivering primary care relies on recruiting, training and retaining a vibrant workforce, and creating organisational arrangements for effective service delivery. Our research focuses on understanding factors influencing the career choices of the primary care workforce and the impact of primary care workforce and organisational initiatives on the quality of health care in the UK and internationally. This includes studying organisational arrangements that affect access to care.

Ongoing studies include:

Recently completed studies include:

  • Alt-Con - The potential of alternatives to face to face consultation in general practice, and the impact on different patient groups. (Alt-con) aims to understand how, under what conditions, for which patients, and in what ways, alternatives to the face-to-face consultations such as use of the telephone, email or internet video may offer benefits to patients and practitioners in general practice. This study was funded by NIHR HS&DR programme, led by the University of Bristol.
  • LYNC - The LYNC study examines what are the effects, impacts, costs and necessary safeguards for digital, clinical communications for young people living with long-term conditions and engaging with specialist NHS providers? The project was funded by the NIHR HS&DR programme and led by Professor Frances Griffiths at Warwick Medical School.