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Seminar on Developing a research strategy to identify and evaluate tools for valuing the benefits from interventions aimed at supporting parents of neonates


This week the team invited collaborators from across the University and internationally to discuss the development of a strategy to evaluate and enhance wellbeing. The aim of the collaboration is to broaden the focus on health interventions to include wellbeing in public spending and healthcare. The intention is to secure future health by reacting to changes in wellbeing at an earlier stage. A potential focus for the research is the wellbeing of parents of neonates, which may impact children's development, education and future health.

The team includes researchers from accross the University: Sarah Stewart-Brown, Professor in Public Health; Fiona MacCallum, Associate Prof of Psychology; Eugenio Proto, Associate Professor of Economics; Jason Madan, Associate Professor in Health Economics; Stavros Petrou, Professor in Health Economics, and many more. The team also includes Mark Oppe, Senior Researcher EUROQOL foundation, Netherlands.

Wed 14 June 2017, 09:09