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Health Economics at Warwick Medical School (WMS)

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Research activities in Health Economics at WMS

Interdisciplinary research

Health economists form a vital part of many research teams within the Warwick Medical School, the University of Warwick, other universities in the UK and in international collaborations. The economic information ultimately enables policy makers to decide on the cost-effectiveness of treatements.

High quality research

Health Economists at Warwick Medical School produce high quality research outputs and develop new methodologies. We can only showcase a very limited selection of the projects our researchers are working on. You can find lists of our projects sorted by clinical research area and methodological approaches below. For a complete list of all publications, please visit our publication pages.

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Research by Clinical Area

The Health economists at Warwick Medical School research in a variety of clinical areas. Below you can view our projects ordered by clinical area:

Research by Methodological Approach

In their research the health economists use a number of methods. You can find full lists of our projects using the methods here: