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Public Health Communication and Media Group


Dr Mariana Dyakova
Division of Health Sciences, Warwick Medical School


Public health (PH) research has already acquired a vast amount of knowledge and information about population health, its determinants and the ways it can be protected and improved. Considering the multilevel, multidisciplinary global outreach of PH, there is a lot more to be achieved. Various factors influence the ‘translation’ of PH knowledge into policy and practice, one of them being the complex process of Communication. The Media in its diversity and new social role represents a huge part of it and a creative opportunity for enhancing PH communication and impact.


  • To develop multi-disciplinary research in the field of public health communication at different levels
  • To inspire cross-disciplinary collaboration in exploring the creative potential of Media for PH knowledge translation and outreach
  • To contribute to the process of organization and translation of scientific evidence (in the field of health) through enhancing networking and education

Ongoing projects

Current projects include:


  • 4 April 2013, PHILM Workshop: Public Health Impact and Learning through the Media

Medical School Building, University of Warwick, 10.30am-4.30pm
Come and join us for a brain teasing video watching and a challenge of public health communication! Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Further details and draft programme


Aileen Clarke (WMS)
Christine Clar (WMS)
Peter Donnelly (St Andrews University, Scotland)
Gillian Hundt (WMS)
Carolyn Dawson (WMG)
Kristina Curtis (WMG)
Steven Ingram (WMG)
Detlef Kanders (Germany)
Christine Kasule
Soili Larkin (PH SpR)
Nicholas Monk (IATL)
Richards Adair (Science comms)
Claudia Stein (History, CHM)
Sarah Stewart-Brown (WMS)
Paul Sutcliffe (WMS)
Jeremy Wyatt (University of Leeds)
Lee Knifton (Strathclyde University, Scotland)
Antonio Meza (Media/Comms coach, France)
Corina Chivu (WMS)
Jan Storgårds (Program

Cursor Oy, Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company)


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