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Social Science and Systems in Health Unit - Completed Postgraduate Research

Completed Research Degrees supervised by Members of the Social Science and Systems in Health Unit

Title of Research



Stefan Laspina: The Factors Influencing Variation in Blood Product Usage: An International Perspective

Sept 2017

Peter Spurgeon and Willie Murphy

Healthcare system design and the integration of digital and networked technologies for patients with chronic conditions and antenatal women within primary healthcare setting in rural South Africa: A Critical Realist Analysis


Prof Frances Griffiths,
Jane Goudge and Xavier Gomez-Olive

What needs to change for nerve blocks to become routine practice in my Emergency Department when patients present with a hip fracture? A service development


Dr Joanne Reeve

An exploration of young women's experiences and perceptions of living with a history of breast cancer in the UK

July 2016

Dr Eileen Mcleod & Dr Christine Harrison

Experiences of Palestinians in their access to employment in Jordan

June 2016

Frances Griffiths and Gillian Hundt

A realist evaluation of faculty development in UK medical schools

January 2015

Dr David Davies and Prof Jill Thistlethwaite

The implementation of a cognitive behavioural therapy intervention for patients with low back pain

January 2015

Dr David Davies and Prof Sallie Lamb

The first 24 hours: mortality and other outcomes of paediatric emergency care in Lagos, a case study

April 2014

Prof Frances Griffiths and Dr Peter Sidebotham

A longitudinal study of emotional and behavioural problems among Malaysian school children with a nested evaluation of a parenting programme

February 2014

Prof Jane Barlow and Dr Alan Dolan

Health inequalities and the right to healthcare of Negev Bedouin in Israel with diabetes: a case study of a marginalized Arab indigenous minority

February 2014

Prof Gillian Hundt and Dr Loraine Blaxter

Is there a horizontal transmission of wellbeing? How to measure the impact of formation and structure of a social network on wellbeing in a university cohort

December 2013

Prof Frances Griffiths and Dr Robert Carter

Evaluating processes to improve outcomes following in-hospital cardiac arrests

November 2013

Prof Gavin Perkins and Prof Matthew Cooke

Integrated care: the presence, nature and development of integrated care in community health services in England and Ireland

April 2013

Prof Frances Griffiths and Prof Geoff Meads

Adult palliative day-care services: an investigation of the factors influencing access to services using the case of a cancer network in the United Kingdom

January 2013

Prof Jeremy Dale

Exploring clients' experiences of craniosacral therapy: a qualitative study

December 2012

Prof Sarah Stewart-Brown and Dr Antje Lindenmeyer

Living with and beyond cancer: a study to investigate what it is like to live with and beyond a 'poor prognostic' cancer in contemporary society

December 2012

Prof Janet Dunn and Prof Frances Griffiths

The use of carbon footprinting studies to determine the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the provision of aspects of renal healthcare within the National Health Service

January 2012

Prof Matthew Cooke

The role of cervical spine range of motion in recovery from whiplash associated disorders December 2011 Prof Matthew Cooke and Dr Simon Gates
Nurse-led pre-travel health consultations: evaluating current practice and developing a new model June 2011 Dr Ann Adams and Prof Jeremy Dale
Understanding patient enablement 2011 University of Maastricht and Prof Frances Griffiths
Use of primary care data for identifying individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease June 2010 Prof Frances Griffiths and Prof Margaret Thorogoood

An exploration of change in low back pain: a mixed methods study

June 2008

Prof Frances Griffiths and Dr Chris McCarthy

Exploring complexity in community palliative care: a practitioner based approach to research and development

October 2007

Prof Frances Griffiths

The transmission of HIV/AIDS in heterosexual marital relationships in Zambian rural communities: a case study of Petauke district

July 2007

Dr Hilary Hearnshaw and Dr Eileen McLeod

What are the perceived needs of palliative care patients and their informal carers in the community during the out-of-hours period?

June 2007

Prof Frances Griffiths

Deciding about MMR vaccination - parents' views of the information available. A focus group study

June 2006

Dr Joanne Fisher and Dr Hilary Hearnshaw

A qualitative study of the health experience of gypsy travellers in the UK with a focus on terminal illness

September 2005

Prof Frances Griffiths

Management of hypertension in Australian general practice February 2004 Prof Jeremy Dale

Education needs of patients with a diagnosis of prostate cancer

March 2003

Prof Jeremy Dale