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How to use the training materials

This section provides further information on how to apply for a licence to use the training materials. Once you have obtained a licence you will be able to access more detailed information on the training.

Register to use

The training materials are protected by copyright. Should you wish to use the training materials you will require a license appropriate to your intended use:

Non-Commercial Use

This licence is made available for organisations whose main purpose is not directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation (“Non-Commercial Organisations”), including Public Health and Social Services, Non-governmental organisations, Registered Community Interest Companies and Registered Social Enterprises only;

Please register here ensuring you read and accept the Non-Commercial Licence Terms and Conditions prior to confirming your agreement.

Please be aware that the Non-Commercial licence does not give permission to publicly share the training materials or for you to provide the training materials to other parties for their use under your licence. Should you wish to use the training materials outside of these terms please contact to discuss your requirements.

Commercial Use

All individuals or organisations other than those listed above as Non-Commercial will require a Commercial Licence. Enquires should be directed to

If you have previously registered for a licence and / or are uncertain as to whether you have a licence appropriate for your use of the training materials please contact