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nstallardNigel Stallard

Head of Statistics and Epidemiology

The Statistics and Epidemiology group focuses on the development and application of methodology for the assessment and evaluation of healthcare interventions and risk factors at a population level.



Our Research

inSPiRe - The development of novel methods for the design and analysis of clinical trials in rare diseases or small populations defined, for example, by a rare genetic marker.

Families for Health - A randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ‘Families for Health’, a family-based childhood obesity treatment intervention.


We include research groupings such as Warwick Evidence, which undertakes reviews and evidence syntheses on the clinical and cost effectiveness of healthcare interventions. We also undertake economic evaluation of clinical interventions and of service organisations and are keen to explore technology assessment methodologies. We also include Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health and Care (CLAHRC) Theme 3 which builds on work already carried out under the successful CLAHRC pilot in Birmingham and Black Country in the area of prevention and detection; Warwick Centre for Applied Health Research and Delivery (W-CAHRD)which brings together individuals, disciplines and organisations to develop practical solutions to health needs and Communicable Disease Control Evidence and Epidemiology (CDCE²) which undertakes and facilitates others to undertake work to better define and disseminate the evidence base for communicable disease control.

We have strong links to research on e-health and to the Institute of Digital Health.