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Patient and Public Involvement

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NICE Scoping Study of Patient Experiences: Developing the Warwick Patient Experiences Framework (WaPEF)

Funder: NICE

Start date: November 2010. End date: March 2011.

PI: Sophie Staniszewska

Collaborators: Kate Seers (Warwick), Jo Brett (Warwick), Lee Gunn (Warwick) Julie Roberts (Warwick), Felicity Boardman (Warwick), Diane Clay (Warwick).

Description: The NICE Scoping Study included a focused thematic qualitative overview, utilising key aspects of systematic reviewing to develop the Warwick Patient Experiences Framework (WaPEF) to inform the development of the NICE Patient Experiences Guideline which will be utilised in the NHS Outcomes Framework. The aims were to:

• To identify generic themes and sub-themes of patient experience in three clinical areas: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, all areas of significant disease burden.

• To use the themes and sub-themes identified in the three clinical areas to develop an overall generic patient experiences framework that has potential relevance for all patients.

Progress: This scoping study is now complete and has been used in the development of the NICE Patient Experiences Guidance which will become part of the NHS Outcomes Framework.

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