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Meet the FIRE Team

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Some of the Collaborators at the September 2011

Project Board in London.

Back right: Nocola Crichton (Statistician), Jo Rycroft-Malone, Kate Seers,
Lars Wallin, Alison Kitson, Karen Cox and Angie Titchen.
Front: Brendan McCormack and Gill Harvey.

A research meeting at Bangor in January 2012.

From the left: Claire Hawkes, Carole Mockford, Teatske van der Zijpp,
Ankie Eldh and Christel McMullan

Our Research Fellows at the March 2011 Project

Board Meeting.

Front left: Claire Hawkes, Paul Slater and Ankie Eldh.
Back left: Carole Mockford, Theo Niessen and Teatske van der Zijpp.

A stunning backdrop in Wales in January 2012

From left: Teatske van der Zijpp, Heledd Owen (Bangor research support/admin),
Christel McMullan (Research Associate) and Ankie Eldh.