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Strengths of WEMWBS

Positive focus

The WEMWBS is a scale that measures mental wellbeing (as opposed to mental illness or disorder) and is suitable for use in the general population. Its strengths are that it is positively worded, represents positive attributes of wellbeing and covers both feeling and functioning.

Evidence from a recent study suggests that users of mental health services and their carers prefer the WEMWBS to other mental health outcome measures.

Robust psychometric properties

Its psychometric properties are robust and it is sensitive to the changes that occur in wellbeing promotion projects.

Various studies have shown that WEMWBS is normally distributed in the general population (although there is often a slight tail at the lower end) and hence can be used in parametric analyses. All the validation studies have shown WEMWBS to be easy to complete, and to capture concepts of wellbeing familiar to general and minority populations.