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Guidance on Scoring


WEMWBS is very simple to score. The total score is obtained by summing the score for each of the 14items. The latter ranges from 1 – 5 and the total score from 14-70.

For a detailed account of how to score the WEMWBS refer to the practice based user guide. Specific details are on page 8 of the guide.


SWEMWBS is more complicated to score and it is very important that it is scored correctly in order for comparisons to be made across different studies.

The SWEMWBS is a shortened version of the WEMWBS which is Rasch compatible. This means the seven items included have undergone a more rigorous test for internal consistency than the 14 item scale and have superior scaling properties. The seven items relate more to functioning than to feeling and therefore offer a slightly different perspective on mental wellbeing. The scores from the two scales are however highly correlated. The main advantage of the 7 item scale is that it is shorter and it can be transformed so that it can be used as an interval scale for psychometric analysis.

The SWEMWBS is scored by first summing the score for each of the seven items and then transforming the total score for each person according to a conversion table.