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WEMWBS in Other Languages

The WEMWBS has been translated into a number of languages and some of these have been validated both psychometrically and qualitatively. The following translations have undergone back translations, have been validated psychometrically and are available to download:

Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian.

Back-translations and statistical analysis of versions in Arabic, Bangla and Urdu have also been completed and are being prepared for publication.

Lithuanian, Hindi, Norwegian, Portuguese and Welsh versions have undergone backtranslations and are available to download.

The short versions in Chinese, Danish, Swedish and Finnish are also available. For the short version in Finnish please contact Pia Solin at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Promotion, Prevention and Policy in Helsinki. email:

For new translations a document detailing the terms and conditions of translation of the WEMWBS into other languages and use of translated versions is available here.

A main part of the translation process is to obtain at least two 'back translations' by people who have not seen the original in English and then for a panel experts to review the back translations. A template for comments on back translations is available for use.

Frequent questions regarding difficulties encountered in translating the WEMWBS into other languages led us to prepare some notes addressing issues in translation which you may find helpful.