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WIFWU offers the following training to a wide range of primary care and early years practitioners:

Accredited Training

Postgraduate Award in Infant Mental Health 

This multidisciplinary module provides students with understanding about new and innovative theory and practice relating to infant and family wellbeing.  It is underpinned by recent evidence from a range of disciplines including developmental psychology, neurosciences, and genetics, demonstrating links between the experiences of baby’s during the early years of their life, and later physical and mental health.  The module focuses primarily on the well-being of parents during pregnancy, the transition to parenthood, and the relationship of the parents with the new baby during the first few years of life, and provides a range of innovative and evidence-based ways of supporting parenting during this period.  It addresses key issues for health practitioners including: Improving the social, emotional and psychological well-being of infants; reducing health and social inequalities, and improving a range of public health outcomes. 

Postgraduate Award in Perinatal Mental Health

This multidisciplinary module begins in October 2009 and will provide participants with understanding about innovative ways of working to support parental and infant mental health during the perinatal period.  The course builds on recent evidence from a range of disciplines (including developmental psychology and neuroscience) that points to the importance of:

i) Identifying perinatal mental health problems using a partnership-based approach;

ii) Identifying and addressing parental mental health problems during pregnancy as well as the postnatal period;

iii) Intervening to support parental mental health during the perinatal period using dyadic and triadic approaches.

Non-accredited Training

Supporting Attachment - One-Day Training Programme for Health Visitors

This one-day training programme introduces health professionals to the importance of attachment and methods of working to promote secure infant attachment through the promotion of sensitive and attuned parent-infant interaction, and parental awareness of the 'social baby'.

Early Years Practice Training

We are currently in the process of developing a non-accredited training programme for early years practitioners working in a range of contexts including Children's Centres.  The training will be available both as face-to-face and distance learning formats, and will focus on innovative ways of supporting parenting during the early years.