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EMRO - WHO: Technical Consultation on Salt and Fat Reduction.

Tunis, 30-31 March 2015

The objectives are to:

  • review the progress achieved by Member States on the implementation of salt and fat reduction strategies and action plans, and to identify challenges
  • provide technical guidance to Member States to scale up the implementation of the regional and national action plans

Photo Tunis

EMRO - WHO Regional Workshop on Salt Reduction and Setting Up

Protocols for Measuring Salt and Fat Intake and Content in Food.

Amman (Jordan), 10-12 September, 2013

The main objectives of the workshop were to:

  • develop broad guidance on trans-fat elimination and saturated fat reduction
  • prepare protocols for reducing salt in bread and other specific food categories
  • discuss and train participnats on salt measurements with a focus on the 24h urinary collection method.
  • assist Member States in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of WHO interested and committed to develop a national action plan on salt and fat reduction.


Prof GA MacGregor, Prof P James, Prof FP Cappuccio (UK), Dr H Kuusipalo (Finland), Dr N Gharib, Mr SAE Almeer (Bahrain), Dr S Zaghloul, Dr HAA Meguid (Egypt), DR T Neyestani (Iran), Dr A Shalaan (Iraq), Dr M Tarawneh, Ms M Khamaise, Dr A Hadadine, Dr A Amr, Dr B Abdalla, Ms H Masa'd (Jordan), Dr Q Al Baghli, Mrs WY Al-Jowhar (Kuwait), Mr MM Aledawar, Dr H Hamade (Lebanon), Dr L El Ammari, Dr H Aguenaou, Dr A Derouiche (Morocco), Dr S Al Ghannami, Mr SM Al Zadjali, Dr M Kaur (Oman), Eng. MR Al-Halaika (Palestine), Dr A-A M Al-Thani, Mr PV Rajagopla, Mrs W Al Baker (Qatar), Mr L Abu Baker, Dr KS Almurshed (Saudi Arabia), Dr J El Ati, Mrs D Dogul, Dr L Alouane (Tunisia), Mr A Altalay, Dr MHS Al-Yousuf (UAE).


Selection of participants of the Workshop in Amman, Jordan


Prof. F P Cappuccio (Speaker) and Prof. P James (Chair) in session

EMRO pic