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Teresa Pawlikowska



Dr Teresa Pawlikowska  (MB Bs BSc MRCP DRCOG MSc)

Tel:     024 7657 4512             Fax: 024 7657 3079


Room: Ramphal building 3.19


Dr Pawlikowska joined WMS in 2003 from University College, London where she had been the Head of The International Unit and a Senior Tutor in The Open Learning Unit (developing and delivering on a web-based MSc in Primary Care). She was also part of The European Consortium for Primary Care (ECPC, an academic grouping of two leading departments of primary care from a number of western EU countries) and for many years Dr. Pawlikowska led the input from UCL into EUPHARE and World Bank projects that supported the development of primary care in a variety of countries.

At WMS her interests lie in medical education and supporting students through e-learning. She teaches communication and consultation skills to under-graduates and post-graduates, and facilitates consultants’ workshops on this subject. She is exploring new ways to deliver these courses to enhance learning outcomes, and to support meaningful development of these key skills throughout a professional’s career.

In addition her international work in medical education and research provides an opportunity to share experience and learn from diverse primary care environments.

Research Interests 

·    The assessment of communication and consultation skills

·    Patient enablement

·    Cross cultural comparason in consultation

·    Post-graduates as medical undergraduates

·    Transferable learning from diverse environments

·    Supporting personal development in medical students

·    E-learning

Current Research Projects 

·    Do post-graduates have more staying power?

·    What are the characteristics of post-graduates at WMS and what underlies their experience as medical students?

·    What underpins patient enablement?’

Teaching and Postgraduate Supervision

Teaching information:

·    Clinical Teachers Workshop,

·    Clinical methods course

·    Examiners workshop

·    Research Workshops for Medical Education

·    Personal tutor

·    External examiner.

·    International unit-primary care education and development abroad

Other Activity 

·    Dr Pawlikowska has been appointed as Visiting Professor at The Department of Family Medicine at The Medical Academy of Gdansk University and this has led to the development of educational curricula for family medicine and collaborative research into consultation and communication.

·    Dr Pawlikowska is regularly invited to the annual congress of Family Medicine in Poland and elsewhere, and attends EGPRN and EURACT meetings where she maintains contact with her growing network of past students.

·    She is an external examiner for the University of Birmingham

Teresa Pawlikowska