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  • Sailesh, S., Randeva, Harpal S., Callaghan, C. J. O., O'Hare, J. Paul, Philip, Sam, Saravanan, Ponnusamy, Patel, Vinod. 2018. The THOR effect : thyroid hormone offsets retinopathy. Journal of Endocrinology and Thyroid Research, 3 (1), View
  • Lee, James D., Saravanan, Ponnusamy, Varadhan, Lakshminarayanan, Morrissey, John R., Patel, Vinod. 2014. Quality of diabetes care worldwide and feasibility of implementation of the Alphabet Strategy : GAIA project (Global Alphabet Strategy Implementation Audit). BMC health services research, 14 (467), pp. 1-12, View
  • Ellard, David R., Chimwaza, Wanangwa, Davies, D. A., O'Hare, J. Paul, Kamwendo, Francis, Quenby, Siobhan, Griffiths, Frances, Mhango, Chisale, Chiwandira, Chikayiko, Dube, Queen, Kachale, Fannie, Mvula, Chimwemwe, Mbaruku, Godfrey, Kihaile, Paul, Ndeki, Sidney, Mohamed, Hamed, Pemba, Senga, Shemdoe, Aloisia, Mazuguni, Festo, Bergstrom, Staffen, Davies, Alan, Simkiss, Douglas E., Brennan, Anne-Marie, Peile, Ed, Kandala, Ngianga-Bakwin, Slowther, Anne, Chipwete, Saliya, Beeby, Paul, Eloundou, Gregory, Gee, Harry, Patel, Vinod. 2014. Can training in advanced clinical skills in obstetrics, neonatal care and leadership, of non-physician clinicians in Malawi impact on clinical services improvements (the ETATMBA project) : a process evaluation. BMJ Open, Volume 4 (Number 8), View
  • Anderson, Naomi, Sridharan, S., Megson, Matthew, Evans, A., Vallance, J., Singh, Swaran P., Shukla, R., Patel, Vinod. 2012. Preventing chronic disease in people with mental health problems : the HEALTH passport approach. The Psychiatrist, Volume 36 (Number 6), pp. 208-213, View
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