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Professor N K Shinton

Emeritus Professor -  Neville Keith Shinton
Division of Clinical Sciences, Warwick Medical School

Degrees and qualifications:
  •     MB., ChB. University of Birmingham, 1947
  •     MRCS, LRCP, Conjoint Board, London, 1948
  •     MRCP, Royal College of Physicians, London, 1952
  •     MD, University of Birmingham, 1961
  •     MRCPath, (Founder member),  Royal College of Pathologists, London, 1963
  •     FRCPath, Royal College of Pathologists, London, 1970
  •     FRCP, Royal College of Physicians, London, 1972
Undergraduate academic prizes
  • Foyle prize in Pathology, University of Birmingham, 1943
  • Junior clinical medicine prize, University of Birmingham, 1944
  • Full Registration with General Medical Council, 1947
  • Membership Medical Defence Union, 1947
  • House surgeon, General Hospital, Birmingham, 1947
  • House physician, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, 1948
  • Clinical pathologist, Medical Branch, Royal Air Force, 1948-1950
  • Senior House Officer, Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, 1950-1951
  • Registrar, Clinical Pathology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, 1951-1953
  • Sen. Registrar, Clinical Pathology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, 1953-1958
  • Consultant Pathologist, Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital, 1958-1972
  • Consultant Haematologist,  Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry, 1972-1991
  • Professor/Director, School of Postgraduate Medical Education, University of Warwick, Coventry, 1983-1991
Clinical experience
Diagnosis and management of patients with haematological disorders from 1948-1991 coupled with internal medicine from 1972-1991.
Laboratory experience
Responsible for haematogical services to Coventry hospitals from 1958-1991 with development from ward side-room to a scientific department including immunology and operating on two sites.  As Head of Department responsible for medical, scientific, clerical and ancillary staff of 72 persons together with choice of equipment, reagents and methodology
Educational activities
  • Lecturer (Honorary) Pathology, University of Birmingham, 1954-1959
  • Lecturer (part-time) Haematology, Coventry Technical Colleges, 1961-1982
    Course organiser: Advanced medicine
  • Warwickshire Postgraduate Medical Centre, 1970-1991
  • Primary & Final MRCPath (Haematology)
  • University of Birmingham, 1967-1983
  • Laboratory management,  University of Warwick, 1991
  • Guest lecturer: Universities of Sheffield, Manchester, Warwick; British Postgraduate Federation; Royal College of Pathologists; numerous postgraduate centres; British Society for Haematology; International Society of Haematology, International  Organisation for Standardization.
Examining bodies
  • Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences, 1964-1975
  • Royal College of Pathologists - Haematology panel, 1973-1990
  • University of London  MB,BS - Senior External in Pathology, 1977-1980
Service to Professional bodies
 Warwickshire Postgraduate Medical Centre -  Secretary, 1964-1970
& Treasurer 1970-1973
 Member, Ethical Research Committee, 1981-1995
 Honorary Life Member, 1973
 Trustee - Chairman, 1992-2003
 University of Birmingham:-
 Board of graduate clinical studies, 1973-1991
 Regional postgraduate committee, 1973-1991
 Area Directors’ and Clinical Tutors committee, 1978-1991
 Pre-registration committee, 1978-1994
 Joint advisory committee on senior registrars, 1978-1991
 Regional training committee in Pathology, 1979-1983
 Sub-Committee for Haematology -Chairman, 1979-1983
 Royal College of Physicians, London:-
 Standing Advisory Committee on Haematology, 1972-1983
 Joint committee on higher medical training - Secretary, 1972-1976
 Standing Advisory Committee on Nuclear medicine, 1980-1993
 Regional advisor for West Midland region, 1973-1977
 Royal College of Pathologists:-
 Standing Advisory Committee on Haematology, 1970-1980
 Council, 1972-1980
 Traiming committee, 1973-1980
 Executive committee, 1978-1980
 Europe group, 1991-
 British Medical Association:-
 Life Member, 1947-
 West Midland Regional Consultants & Specialists committee, 1962-1966
 Representative to Annual General Meeting, 1957;1958;1965;1966
 Chairman, Coventry Division, 1977-1978
 West Midland Regional Council, 1976-1994
 Association of Clinical Pathologists:-
 West Mercian Branch Council -Chairman, 1968-1971
  West Mercian Branch President, 1972-1973
 National Council, 1969-1972
 Haematology committee, 1973-1977
 Vice President, 1987-1989
 President, 1990-1991
 British Society for Haematology:-
 Council, 1972-1986
 British Committee for Standardization in Haematology  - Chairman, 1974-1982
 General Haematology Panel, 1975-1994
 Haemostasis & Thrombosis Panel - Secretary, 1977-1980   -  Chairman, 1980-1984, Treasurer                                1976-1983, President, 1984-1985
 International Society of Haematology:-
 Financial secretary, IIIrd Congess of European & African Division, London, 1975
 Council, 1978-1986
 Treasurer, XXIVth Congress, London, 1992
 Service to National Health Service:-
 Birmingham Regional Hospital Board
 Planning committee, 1966-1974
 Blood Transfusion committee, 1966-1974
 Scientific advisory committee, 1972-1974
 Pathology advisory committee, 1969-1974
 Coventry Area Health Authority:-
 Member, 1974-1978
 Area medical committee, 1974-1978
 Medical Executive committee (Cogwheel), 1974-1979
 Area Scientific committee, 1975-1985
 Division of Scientific services - Chairman, 1977-1979
 West Midland Regional Health Authority:-
 Regional Scientific committee, 1974-1990       
Combined Laboratory Services committee, 1974-1979       
Regional Haematology group - Chairman, 1975-1979
Haemophilia working party - Chairman, 1977-1992
Blood Transfsion advisory committee - Chairman, 1978-1985
Research committee, 1975-1993
Chairman, 1986-1993
RHA Member, 1978-1990
Department of Health and Social Security:-
Laboratory Development Advisory Group
Small computers group, 1971-1975
Haematolgy sub-group, 1971-1981
Quality assurance steering group - haematology, 1972-1980
Organisation sub-group, 1976-1979
Supply Council: Consumer advisory group for pathology, 1982-1985
Scientific training organization, 1987-1991
Service to Standards Bodies:-
Joint Coordinating Committee for Quality Assurance
Secretary, 1973-1977:Chairman, 1977-1983
European Council for Clinical Laboratory Standards (ECCLS):-
Assembly, 1979-1989
Management Board, 1982-1988
President , 1988-1994
British Standards Institute (BSI)
Chairman CH29- Specimen containers,  1992-1999
Chairman CH69 - In vitro diagnostic systems, 1989-2002
Chairman CH68 - General terminology, symbols and information provided with medical devices, 1994-1998
Member H/1 and H/12, 1994-2003
Member CH 100, 2003
Member CH 212, 2003       
Comité Europèen Normalisation (CEN):-
Member TC 140 - In vitro diagnostic systems, 1989
Convener WG3 - Terminology; Quality management, 1992              
Project leader WG5-Specimen containers for venous blood, 1998-           
Member TC 257 - Terminology, symbols & information, 1994-
Member TC 251/WG2 - Semantics of information terminology, 1992-1997
 European Commission  Consultant to drafting committee for EC Directive on n vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices     1990-1996
 International Council for Standardization in Haematology:-
 Assembl, 1974-1991
 Board, 1980-1991
 International Standards Organization (ISO):-
 Member TC76 – Transfusion, infusion and injection equipment for medical and pharmaceutical use                1991-2003
Convener, WG5 Specimen containers, 1995-2003
Member TC 212 - In vitro diagnostic systems, 1995-
Convenor, WG 1 Quality management systems, 1996-
Non-professional interests
Music - appreciation and history with particular reference to opera
Patron: City of Birmongham Symphony Orchestra 1998-
Friend: Covent Garden Opera, Welsh National Opera, Buxton Festival, Warwick Arts Association.
Theatre: Member: Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Friend: Birmingham Royal Ballet
Painting: appreciation and history particularly 14-16C.
Friend:Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham
Reading - History particularly medieval and renaissance
English literature particularly 19th century
Biographies in general.
Walking- particularly hill-walking - member of Solihull School Mountain Club
Foreign travel - particularly cities of Europe.
Gardening - (time and weather permitting)
    Journal of Clinical Patrhology - Referee                    1972-1980
    British Journal of Haematology - Referee                    1975- 1983
    Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine - Editorial Board            1980-1991
    British National Formulary - Section editor                    1983-1988
    New Technologies in Clinical Laboratory Science (ECCLS) - Editor                     1986
    CRC Desk Reference for Hematology - Editor                             1998
    EN ISO Standards prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 212            2003
        Medical laboratories – Particular requirements for quality and competence
        Medical laboratories  - Requirements for safety
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