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ePortfolio of Hafsa Abbas

About Me

I studied my Masters in Cancer Studies/Clinical Oncology at Birmingham Medical School. This was followed by doing several courses at several universities in the USA and the Global Health Training Centre in Kenya as part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

I am currently doing my PhD in cancer research at Warwick Medical School and a Medical Statistics course at Harvard University.

I am working with Professor Thornalley and Professor Rabbani on the mechanism of multidrug resistance associated with overexpression of Glyoxylase 1 in Tumours.

I have worked at several hospitals and held lecturing positions in FE in the Midlands and assisted in teaching at several UK HE institutions.

I am a speaker for Prostate Cancer UK.

I have a strong passion for clinical research and teaching and is a member of the following:
- Associate member of Society For Free Radical Biology and Medicine (SFRBM)
- Member of American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
- Member of The European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) - - Member of The Society of Biology (SOB).

Previous Research projects

Undergraduate Projects:

1) (Dry-based: Microbiology) Investigate the knowledge and beliefs amongst Biomolecular Science students towards the UK policy for Human Papillomavirus vaccination in preventing cervical cancer. It involved forming my own consent forms, participation information sheets and questionnaires followed by statistical analysis.

2) (Lab-based: Haematology) To investigate whether there is a potential role of hepcidin in Beta-thalassaemia patients on blood transfusion therapy with iron overload and whether hepcidin can be used therapeutically in these patients.

3) (Lab-based: Cardiovascular physiology):

a) I looked at how different antimalarial drugs affect the heart using rodent models.

b) I looked at how different bronchodilators drugs affect the heart using rodent models.

c) I looked at anti-cancer drug effects on the heart, whether it is toxic or not by measuring the toxicity and control it by different mechanisms.

4) (Lab-based: Pharmacology): Investigation on the antimalarial effects of oleic acid.

Postgraduate Projects:

Identification and Evaluation of Biomarkers for the Detection of Bladder Cancer.

Laboratory skills: tissue culture, ELISA, Western Blotting, Wound-healing assays, ESI, MALDI –MS, Microscopy, MTT assay, HPLC, making solutions and buffers and others.