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Digital Learning

We've curated the main digital learning resources you need to get started

Major resources are championed by WMS too, but they really do help the most - so don't skip them.

Further down we have further guides on your email signature, Moodle, iPad guide, primary contacts - anything vaguely digital we wish we'd had access to!

5 minute Guide to NHS E-portfolio

Digital Intern Tom Shah recorded a quick video to show how to use NHS E-portfolio, focusing on submitting and viewing tickets, personal library, reflections, and TABs. Dr Emily Crosse's full Sway is here.Link opens in a new window

Access all the textbooks you need, plus thousands of questions to make your own question bank.

Thanks to the CAI Team, we have this great resourceLink opens in a new window to supplement anatomy teaching & surgical exposure - but it covers much more!

NICE guidelinesLink opens in a new window underpin investigation & management plans across UK healthcare.

Refer to these concise, current evidence summaries in CBL & presentations.

Free access & app via your Warwick account hereLink opens in a new window.

It has step-by-step guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, & prevention - good for CBL & presentations.

This free platform is on your iPads, & one of the external resources for studying that we explain here.

It has clinical cases with MCQs, & covers radiology, ECGs, & clinical photos too.

An easier database of learning resourcesLink opens in a new window for staff & students, plus some e-learning.

Warwick Uni Guides

Other Key Resources

Campus Map
Directions to any room & facilities

iPads guide

Preloaded iPad apps

Main Campus study spaces

Gibbet Hill study spaces map coming soon

Contacts opens in a new window

Gibbet Hill PC's, other hardware, or iPad issues opens in a new window

Any generic IT issue

Sam JohnsonLink opens in a new window

MB ChB Librarian; locate & access library facilitiesLink opens in a new window, resources, research

Hannah TheinLink opens in a new window & Cath FennLink opens in a new window

MB ChB Academic Technology; any MB ChB digital help

MB ChB Student Digital Education InternsLink opens in a new window

Platform & content reviews, Student Hub, improving accessibility opens in a new window

Moodle issues & feedback