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Phase 1 Guide

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But please don't read all of these at once!

It's a LOT of information, and we strongly recommend you start to practice pacing yourself...

With special thanks to:

  • Charlotte Pemberton ('21 cohort) and Carmen Chung ('20 cohort) for the '23 updates.
  • Jessica Sinyor ('21 cohort) for the '22 updates.
  • Clarissa Brierley ('18 cohort) for leading the original Rough Guide creation.

And thank you to our student contributors!

Kaldora Ibekwe

Benny Richards

India McNair

Abi Bickerton

Dev Samra

Jeremy Ylagan

George Wilcox

Jenny Jackson

Emily Jeffreys

Izzy Swinburn

Ruthie Brooks

Nick Sakkas

Priyanka Joshi

George Gavoyannis

Millie Pierce

Adam Tasker

Becky Evans