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Phase 1 Contacts

Phase 1 Team

Phase 1 Academic Lead Dr Greg Moorlock 
Phase 1 Deputy Senior Tutor Dr Mark Richards
Phase 1 Administrative Lead Laura Cranshaw
Phase 1 Secretary Anjula Kang

Phase 1 Block Leads

Block 0: Learning Medicine Emily Roisin Reid
Block 1: Health, Metabolism, & Homeostasis Dr Seley Gharanei
Block 2: Blood, Lungs, & Heart Dr Helen Jones-Strachan
Block 3: Brain & Behaviour Dr Mark Richards
Block 4: Locomotion Dr Erin Fillmore
Block 5: Reproduction & Child Health

Dr Helen Poulton

Dr Kath Hunt

Theme Leads

Cells, Tissue, & Biomedicine (CTB) Dr Nick Hopcroft
Clinical Anatomy & Imaging (CAI)

Dr Erin Fillmore

Professor Richard Tunstall

Pharmacology, Prescribing, & Therapeutics (PPT) Dr Dan Mitchell
Values, Laws, & Ethics (VLE) Greg Moorlock
Social & Population Perspectives (SocPop)

Dr Beck Taylor (Soc)

TBC (Pop)

Clinical Skills (CSc)

Professor Vinod Patel

Lindsay Muscroft

Personal & Professional Development (PPD) Dr Louise Dunford
Community Learning

Jan Cooper

Jackie Shanley


Communication & Lived Experience

Dr Michele Gutteridge

Dr Kerry Brown