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Phase 1 Resits

Resits can happen to anyone, but don't let it dishearten you!

First things first: it is far easier to fail medical school exams than most other exams. They cover a huge amount of information and as such it is easier to trip up and have to resit them than most other exams. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and if you do fail that first sit you will have a few more weeks for revision and to prepare for the second sit.

If you do fail the first sit, there are some things that will either happen next, or you will be expected to initiate, which are worth being aware of:

  • Contact your personal tutor. They are not informed about your exam results and as part of your support team you should go and speak to them.
  • In the week or two following the results you can book sessions with a member of staff to understand which areas you require support in
  • The same process exists for anyone needing to retake OSCEs.
  • Look out for contact details for a peer support group (Regroup), who will provide additional near-peer teaching sessions and will also provide a resit 'buddy/mentor' in the year above - usually a student who themselves had to resit one or more of the exams.