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It's an intense course, so appreciate any break you have...

...but maybe you're nervous if your background isn't a science, or you're just excited to get started, or it's been a while since University.

It may be a good idea to take the breather before September; spend time with friends and family, wrap up your job, enjoy your hobbies, and start the course refreshed and well-rested. But, if you're particularly worried, we do have some tips we hope will make you feel a little more prepared pre-WMS.

Learn how to learn!

Whether you're fresh out of undergrad or have been away for a while, one thing will truly prepare you for the intensity of studying medicine: investing time in study skills.

It doesn't matter what you studied before, honing these will prove incredibly valuable for the years ahead!

Here are a few YouTube playlists to get you started:

Ali Abdaal, Study ClubLink opens in a new window - Learning and revising for exams from a Cambridge-graduated doctor turned entrepreneur

Cajun Koi Academy, Study SkillsLink opens in a new window - Learning, studying, and organisation tips from US-based MD brothers (bonus of fun structure and animations)

Justin Sung, Studying and LearningLink opens in a new window - Comprehensive videos of varying depth on learning and study from a New Zealand doctor turned learning coach

Benjamin Keep, Study Tips and TricksLink opens in a new window - Bitesize sessions from a cognitive scientist specialising in learning and instruction

Bonus: Benjamin Keep, How Learning WorksLink opens in a new window - to understand the how, not just the what!

Do that pre-reading!

About a week after Offer Holder's Day you'll be sent a few lectures on the foundations of biomedicine - like cell structures and DNA.

Please do these! They'll really help you keep on top of the lectures when it's full speed - and it's still examinable content!

Crash CourseLink opens in a new window

A YouTube series, with Hank Green covering biology videos (his brother is a certain YA author...)

They won't go as advanced as you need, sure, but they're short, fun summaries to prep for CTB, anatomy, and physiology - and they're great for pre-lecture recaps!


Started in 2019 by WMS students Daniel Mercer and Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak, this free video series with 2500+ MCQs covers all Themes. It's a scaffold to build your knowledge upon, with Pre-Med videos covering intros to plenty of anatomy.

Learn the lingo:

For a gentle introduction to the extensive new vocabulary you'll be learning, click this image-guide to common pre- and post-fixes.