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What to bring

Personal skills

Ability to prioritise

There's lots of work to sift through

Humility to ask for help

It's much harder to do this alone

Commitment to less 'fun' topics

You won't love everything, but need to be firm with yourself

Insight into your wellbeing

Pace yourself, take breaks, avoid burn out

Advised Laptop specs & devices

You don't need to buy a new laptop or PC; if you have a reliable one, ideally less than 3 years old, it'll be fine.

A tablet with a keyboard is ok too, though you will be 'loaned' an iPad and Apple Pencil for the entire course. However, you may find yourself using the PC room in the MTC for heavier work.


  • Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • Windows 10


  • Intel i5 OR Apple M1 or better
  • MacOS 12 (Monterey) or better

Study Space

Think of where you'd rather have your dedicated workspace - your room works if there's a designated desk space. But some students prefer to work in the library, main campus, PC room - anywhere that puts you in 'work mode'.

Other tools

You really don't need to buy a tendon hammer or anything else!

You'll need to use Teams easily; so check your camera and microphone are working well (consider if a headset suits you better, for when you're somewhere loud!)

You'll also get free Microsoft apps via your IT account before you start.


It may not be as exciting as choosing a stethoscope, but don't avoid it - there are deadlines! Bookmark the page and double-check those emails.


A Classic Litmann 3 is advised; there's a wide range of colours, and always somewhere with a discount. Most of us used MediSaveLink opens in a new window or MedScope.Link opens in a new window


Speak to Caroline at the MTC reception; for a £15 refundable deposit you can use a locker, for as long as needed, in the walkthrough of the MTC's PC room.