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Phase 1 Themes

Themes run across all Blocks and Phases...

...woven together in classes, placements, and exams. Here's a brief overview of each Theme, with who leads them, and some more resources we've found particularly helpful when learning them.

Lead: Dr Nick Hopcroft

Encompassing biochemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, nutrition, pathology, and physiology, you'll start with some pre-attendance intro sessions.

It'll be more comfortable for those with a biomedical-type background (though remember, the focus is on breadth, rather than depth), and may sometimes feel fast-paced and overwhelming for those without. So please, be mindful of the areas you find particularly challenging, and ask for help with them early - the course builds on those early key concepts.

Managing this Theme

No biochem degree? Non-Science Peer Teaching is a valuable student seminar!

If it's not sticking, review our Pre-learning Guide - it's well worth your time to understand how you learn now, rather than struggle through the whole year.

Plus, lots of excellent creators explain tricky processes in their own way; just explore their styles to find someone you like. Look up CrashCourse, Osmosis, Armando Hasudungan, Khan Academy to get started.

Email a lecturer for an answer you haven't found, or ask for a few minutes where they can explain things in person.

The Clinical Education Fellows (s) have many books in their office MD 1.04/1.05/1.06, or you can check out the main library or Biomed Grid.