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Welcome Week

Welcome Week

Your first week at WMS is admittedly pretty full on - a crash course on what it's like here. You'll meet the other near-200 students starting alongside you in various groups throughout the week.

Use this time to think on how you'd like to try tackling the upcoming Blocks - but make time to meet your new peers too.

There are plenty of introductions - briefly to the week, WMS, Phase 1, a few staff, progression criteria, assessments...

And longer ones to your , group, support systems, sim patients, how to learn, and students ready to answer your questions.

What you'll get:

 iPad Mini 6 & case Apple Pencil WMS plastic water bottle NUS-affliated ID card (+ lanyard) Block 1 workbook Part 1 workbook

The week has lots of classes, but your lectures are . Remember, this week's are examinable; so don't ignore them, as they give you an idea of what to expect this year.

Just be sure to ask questions if you're unsure of anything - chances are that next week, you'll be busy with entirely different things.

“As far as is humanly possible, go to everything and get involved. It’s super clichéd, but you absolutely get out what you put in. Teaching in Phase 1 is brilliant, and I have absolutely loved first year.” - Jenny, '21 cohort

MedSoc will have also organised plenty of social events for you in our MB ChB Freshers Week. Keep on top of your timetable and checklists, but make time to meet the other students too - and have some fun!

“Despite the stress, the workload, and the intensity, I have never felt so rewarded and would never want to do anything else. Coming to Warwick was the best decision I’ve made for myself.” - Becky, '21 cohort