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Here are our recommendations, noting what WMS say too

Read over our Guide to External Resources for pros, cons, and top tips!


If you ask anyone in the year above what one tip or resource would they recommend, it would be passmed, passmed, passmed!

book is the ultimate resource for acing your finals with its comprehensive OSCE preparation materials!

They also have a book version too for those who prefers to have a physical copy!


OSCE Cases with Mark Schemes are highly recommended for those who want to prepare for OSCE and OSLERS. Not only does it contain clinical cases, but also communication and data interpretation cases.

Don't use Google! Clinical Key Student has books, videos, images for presentations - use it for background reading, specific research, or create your own question banks! See this guide on setting up question banks on Clinical Key.

NICE CKS has concise, accessible summaries of current evidence for primary care professionals.

BMJ Best Practice has step-by-step guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention. It's exactly what you'll be tested on - and need for practising medicine!

Speaking Clinically is a video archive of 900 patient interviews which together form a comprehensive learning resource of case studies on different diseases.

Each case is accompanied by a synopsis and a link to further reading and theory.

Aside from our mandatory modules, ELFH is database of learning resources, making it easier for staff and students to source material for different specialities.

Capsule is mapped to MLA criteria, which the WMS curriculum is based upon. Search for a specific condition to focus your learning, use the MCQ's, which are image-rich with radiology, ECGs, and clinical photos. Good for applying clinical knowledge!

What works for you?

Everyone works in different ways and it is worth reflecting on what tools you find most effective in supporting your learning.

RCP Medicine Podcast

Episodes discuss and explore different topics including real-life clinical cases,
new evidence-based guidelines and specific physician issues in the modern healthcare environment.

Incision Academy covers examinations, anatomy, investigations, management - not just surgery! Definitely review it before Surgical SCP's; has videos on gowning and theatre etiquette too. Use it to:

  • Prepare for placement or a specific procedure - recap your anatomy!
  • Supplement learning during SDL
  • Revise and consolidate your learning