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Acute Medicine

Acute Care

Dr Viv Elliot

Acute Block Lead |

Contact her with any problems, she's more than happy to support students and always works to improve her block!

A Typical Day

Attach to a clinician willing to teach! Attend ward round or a senior review, then complete, watch, or SDL the directed tasks.

Learning Packs

SDL is organised into weekly Learning Packs - click here to see an example


You'll get face-to-face tutorials, simulation sessions, have Senior Academic Days, and guidance for SDL activities

Advice from other students

Seek Opportunities

Know your timetable and what you need to achieve. Follow patients up, and seek feedback!

Challenge Yourself!

Review patients outside your comfort zone, those with clinical signs post-ward round, and discuss them with other specialities. And ask questions!

Practice Clinical Skills

Practice these where possible! There are a lot of opportunities to take bloods, do a VBG or ABG, even suturing!

A-E Assessments

Practice your A-E assessments and clerk as many patients as you can in ED.

Clerk patients

Have a go at admission clerking, and compare your work with their notes.