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Care of the Surgical Patient

Care of the Surgical Patient



More information about UHCW (lockers, parking, microwave) can be found here.



More information about SWFT (lockers, parking, microwave) can be found here.



More information about GEH (lockers, parking, microwave) can be found here.

Advice from Previous Students

Go to the theatres!

Ask to scrub in for surgeries, you get more out of it when you are allowed to get closer or actually be involved in the procedures!

Scrub in when in theatres and don't be afraid to ask questions.



Spend time with Anaesthetists in theatres - ask questions, get involved - you may be able to insert cannulas and i-gels!


Go to SAU and clerk patients.

If you cannot go to theatres or have a gap in your timetable, go to SAU!

Practice your clinical skills

Use opportunities to complete skills like catheterisation and DRE on patients.

Ask for opportunities to practice your suturing skills in theatres.

Bedside teaching is very good, clinics will allow you to practice examinations.


Go to Mr Wong's tutorials and ward rounds when he invites you because they're amazing - some of the best teaching I've ever had.

Do a teaching ward round with Mr Wong.

Go to everything Mr Wong does!

If you have any questions about CSP, please feel free to contact Mr Ling Wong .