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More information about UHCW (lockers, parking, microwave) can be found here.

If you are based in UHCW, you will have many teaching sessions, although not mandatory, it is very helpful to attend Dr Perkin's teaching sessions, and the X-ray teaching sessions in the morning!



More information about SWFT (lockers, parking, microwave) can be found here.



More information about GEH (lockers, parking, microwave) can be found here.

Advice from Other Students


Go to Dr Perkin's teaching sessions! It's invaluable and great prep for finals.

Attend the teaching sessions and x-ray sessions as they are super helpful!


The clinics in Rugby were really worthwhile.

Actively participate in fracture clinics, take history and do as many exams as you can. Look up patient's x-rays as it helps to interpret them after seeing a few.

Sign up for extra clinics outside of your consultant's specialist area, otherwise you will have a narrow range of experience and not have a chance to do/see all the necessary exams that we need to know.


Make sure you go to as many on-call shifts with the SHO as possible.

Try to scrub into as many surgeries and examine as many patients as possible!

Refresh some anatomy if you have time before the block!

If you have any questions about the MSK block, please feel free to contact Mr Sunit Patil .