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Medical Education Department office

– ground floor behind Reception in the CSB building. Call in with any queries.

Undergraduate staff are:

Roshni Karavadra; Admin for Phase III, MSK, O&G, and Care of the Medical Patient.

Gladys Moore; Admin for Care of the Surgical Patient.

Marie Midgley; Admin for Child Health.

Zoe Taylor; Exam lead.

Bleeping consultants

On any internal phone;

  • Dial 66
  • Wait for the tone to change
  • Key in the bleep number you want
  • Key in the extension number you are calling from
  • Wait for the tone to change
  • Then press hash key and hang up.

Please wait for the Consultant to call you.

Food facilities

Microwaves are on the second floor of CSB and in the Clinical Skills suite.


Welcome to eat your own food in the area under the stairs, and there is a canteen.

Main Hospital;

Several canteens, coffee shops Women & Children’s, outpatients, M&S, and a Subway.

Clinical skills suite;

Has kitchen facilities and a student room.

Bike storage

There are places at the front of the CSB and covered areas at the rear.

Teaching Fellows

On the second floor CSB. No access for students, so call 28729 and they can open the door.


Second floor of CSB.

Has 30+ computers for use, multiple desks, and a photocopier (charges a small fee).


To reset your password, call them on 28000.

Lockers & Showers

  • Clinical Skills third floor.
  • Main Hospital after WHS.
  • Some in the toilets near the Medical Education office.

In the toilets of the latter, there is a shower cubicle students can use. Further shower facilities are along the corridors in the Main hospital.